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Meet Jake

Owner of

Graphic Nexus



Age: 22

Grand Rapids, MI

Experience With Web Services

Graphic Design


HTML, CSS, and PHP Coding




The Biography


Graphic Nexus is ran by one person, Jake.


As many graphic designers and web developers, I was too a shut in spending hours at a time on the computer intrigued to learn more about what makes a website work.


I have done work for others and their businesses sporadically, but I decided to finally open my own site and take the opportunity as not only a way to make a little extra money, but also take it as a learning experience with the multitude of applications and features they offer.


I have six years of experience when making websites and designing banners, logos, etc. I'm excited to see what more is out there, and how far my knowledge can extend with developer applications.

Graphic Nexus

Web Design and Graphic Services



Phone: 616-648-4640

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