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Graphic Nexus is finally up

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New, but experienced.


Graphic Nexus is a brand new entity. "Nexus" stands for a connected group or series.


With a myriad of resources made available to the everyday graphic designer, applications work harmoniously together to create the amazing final product, of course with a little creativity.

How you could benefit.

A lot of businesses are finding that there are great websites made available for the not-so-tech-savvy business owner who wants to have a strong on-line presence made available for their customers for a multitude of reasons. The only downfall for this is that sometimes the templates offered don't allow the end user full customization.


Everyone wants to add a personal touch to their website, include the personality and passion that inspired them to open their business in the first place. These templates are sometimes generic and can seem a little outdated. In all fairness it is 2016, and we all deserve to have the stylish, eye-catching website that will keep viewers on your page!

Another Perk

To get the "word" out and promote a larger social presence, Graphic Nexus is offering free, basic websites to help promote local Grand Rapids businesses. With the growing rate of small businesses in Grand Rapids, we want to give them the smooth, streamlined websites they deserve!

Already like your website?

Some business owners are completely fine with their website, and kudos to you. We tip our hat to you. Look at some other services that are offered, and maybe you could find yourself in need of one of these:


Social networking consultations, business logos, graphic banners, coupon graphics, promotional graphics and more

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